About Merlynn

Our proprietary decision technology TOM™ offers a unique solution to the challenge around skills shortages  and access to human expertise.


The TOM technology digitally clones and replicates the decisions of organisations key decision makers and subject matter experts.


Digitised expertise enables organisations real time access to expert knowledge, this brings incredible value in terms of process automation /efficiencies, risk management and

resource optimisation.


Merlynn Community

At Merlynn we have developed a global footprint built on key partnerships with resellers and implementers of our technology suite.


This footprint allows us to service most of the major operational sectors within business and government.


Meet Our Team

Our team all perform functions that support our core TOM technology.

Carl Wocke

Carl Wocke


  • Carl Wocke


Carl has oversite of TOM globally. This ensures that TOM can have the most impact in the areas that really matter. Carl helps TOM find purpose. 

Claire De Agrela

Claire De Agrela


  • Claire De Agrela

Operations Lead 

Claire manages our TOM technology deployments to ensure that every deployment of our technology delivers measurable, sustainable value. Claire helps TOM to keep its promise.


Beverley Erikson



  • Bev Erkison

Business Development Lead


Bev manages business development and partner relations. Merlynn has a global footprint of alliances and partnerships. Bev helps TOM grow.

Manqoba M Bhengu

Manqoba M Bhengu


  • Manqoba

Security Lead 


Manqoba ensures that TOM operates in safe and compliant environments. Manqoba makes TOM safe to use.

Malcolm Mhandu

Malcolm Mhandu



  • Malcolm

Social Projects Lead 

Malcolm develops projects that are focused towards social impact. Malcolm gives TOM a conscience.

Filipe Nepomuceno

Filipe Nepomuceno



  • Merlynn

Data Science Lead


 Filipe develops the data science that powers TOM. Filipe teaches TOM to think

Connor Richards

Connor Richards


  • Connor Richards

Platform Lead 


Connor is responsible for the development of a TOM ecosystem platform. Connor is democratizing TOM.

Lauren Groves

Lauren Groves


  • Lauren Groves

Digital and Media Lead 

Lauren maintains TOM’s digital and media profile. Lauren keeps TOM relatable.

Jacqui Jordan

Jacqui Jordan


  • Jacqui Jordan

Business Development Lead


Jacqui is the business development lead for TOM in Australasia. Jacqui is extending TOM’s reach into insurance and banking in the region.

Mark Keith

Mark Keith


  • Mark Kieth

Business Development Lead North America


 Mark is the business development lead for TOM in North America. Mark is expanding TOM into finance, risk and compliance in North America

Luis Correa

Luis Correa


  • Luis Correa

Business Development Lead

South America.

Luis is the business development lead for TOM in South America. Luis is building a presence for TOM in consulting, telecommunications and banking in the region.

Merlynn  Advisory Team


Dr. Michael Beck

  • Michael Beck

Dr. Michael Beck earned his Ph.D. at the University of Georgia in international relations. 

Dr Beck is an expert in the area of strategic trade controls and sanctions.  He has over 25 years of experience conducting research and outreach on nonproliferation and export controls and has worked in more than 30 countries. He consults on export controls and sanctions compliance for Fortune 500 companies.  Dr Beck is advising TOM in risk and compliance applications.


Dr. Scott Jones

  • Scott Jones

Dr. Scott Jones received his Ph.D. in international political economy from the University of Georgia and a MA at Lancaster University in the UK.  Dr. Jones’s areas of expertise are export controls, sanctions, international trade and investment policy, and emerging technologies. He has worked in over 50 countries and has directed numerous international nonproliferation and export control outreach projects for the U.S. Department of Energy, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Commerce. Dr Jones is advising TOM in international trade and sanctions applications.

Photo - Dr Karl Kuhnert.jpeg

Dr. Karl Kuhnert

  • Karl Kuhnert

Dr. Karl Kuhnert is an organizational research psychologist and Professor of the Practice in the Department of Organization & Management at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. He consults with firms, government agencies and teaches in the areas of leadership development, decision making, artificial intelligence, and works globally helping leaders apply exponential and disruptive innovation and thinking in their organizations. Dr Kuhnert is advising TOM in AI ethics and business innovation applications.

Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 14.20.09.png

Professor Andries Engelbrecht

  • Andries Engelbrecht

Prof Engelbrecht is the Voigt Chair in Data Science in the Department of Industrial Engineering, with a joint appointment as Professor in the Computer Science Division, Stellenbosch University. His fields of expertise are computational intelligence, swarm intelligence, evolutionary computation, neural networks, optimisation, machine learning, and data analytics. Prof Engelbrecht’s leads the TOM advanced learning program.

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