The list below refers to projects that are in the stages of design, POC (proof of concept) or full implementation. Specific customer details are withheld for purposes of project confidentiality.


KPI Dashboard

A state owned entity deploying TOM in a dashboard environment to monitor key performance areas of the organisation. Inputs being analysed in real time through TOM virtual experts. 

Supplier Management

A state owned entity configuring TOM to manage large volumes of suppliers whilst still acknowledging the individuality of the supplier profile and the relevant SLA’s (service level agreements). 



Robotic Process Automation is a relatively mature technology and is now mainstream in most organisations. The evolution of RPA will be a technology that allows RPA to react and think like a human expert. TOM is deployed in a number of the major RPA technologies to assist in expert based logic and reasoning. RPA acting like a human expert.

Project Monitoring

An international projects organisation is using TOM to monitor projects in terms of risk to the organisation. TOM is being used to develop high dimensional risk perspectives which allow for more accurate and timeous risk management interventions.

Call Centre Support

A multinational is meeting a requirement for first call resolution and call hopping by deploying TOM virtual experts to channel calls more accurately. 

Transaction Monitoring - Financial Crime

A number of global banks use TOM to monitor and manage complexities in Financial Crime Risk. Risk assessors cannot keep pace with the number of transactions that need further assessment. TOM has met this challenge by deploying expert virtual assessors where transactions can now be screened in real time.


Claims Management

A large multinational insurer is successfully deploying TOM virtual expert models to assist in claims management. The effect is a reduction in cost and an improvement in customer experience .

Virtual Doctor

An international healthcare organisation with a global footprint is developing a suite of virtual doctors that will assist in patient care in terms of early intervention as well as treatment and rehabilitation plans. Even as a science, healthcare still benefits from high levels of intuition found in specialist practitioners.

Virtual Teacher

Traditional artificial Intelligence and machine learning struggle to replace the intuition that a teacher builds up over years of experience. TOM is being designed to replicate this experience leading to early interventions which could change lives.

Law Enforcement

TOM was used to develop a series of virtual parole officers. These virtual parole officers are to assist in the reduction of recidivism rates through improved decisions in parolee interventions.