Anti Financial Crime


"Alert Decision Engine automates the decisions of forensic and financial crime experts to manage vast volumes of alerts in real-time" 

The Challenge

AML regulation requires accountable institutions to monitor and report on suspicious transactions and customers. Monitoring systems, such as predictive analytics and AI technologies, analyze transactions to identify potential risk. These create vast volumes of alerts each day. Compliance and governance protocols dictate that all suspicious alerts are analyzed by certified and trained AML experts, often more than 1 expert is required to review a single alert. Despite alert management tools which are designed to reduce volumes, the number of alerts requiring human attention is often overwhelming. Furthermore, up to 99% of the alerts analyzed by these highly skilled experts are ultimately classified as non-threatening or “false positives”

The Solution

Alert Decision Engine (ADE) is a next generation AI technology which replicate and scales human expertise to create a Virtual Expert – in this case AML analysts - enabling accountable institutions to more efficiently and effectively analyze alerts. ADE is positioned adjacent to existing technologies to analyze alerts in real-time. ADE makes the same decision as the best analyst, instantly clearing false positives, and enabling skilled resources to focus on true risk. 


Incorporating Virtual Expertise in alert monitoring processes reduces the risk of non-compliance and financial crime, and increases resource and process efficiencies.

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(Alert Decision Engine)

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ADE 2021 -02.png

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