About TOM

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What does TOM do?

TOM replicates human expertise and decisions which are too complex

to be handled by business rules:

• to enable highly cognitive decisions to be made in real time

• to scale the organization’s most experienced and valuable human expertise

• to enable the organisation to more fully automate processes

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What are the benefits

/ ROI?


• Enhanced process efficiencies


• Improved decision quality, consistency

  & accuracy


• Reduced operational risk


• Optimise valuable & scarce resources


• Improved customer service & experience

What differentiates



•   TOM learns from the expert therefore requires no

    historical data to learn


•   Only technology able to replicate tacit

    knowledge (knowledge gained from experience,

    instinct, empathy and ethics)


•  Designed to handle all of the complexity of AI for

   the user / non-technical expert


•   Rapid learning accommodates evolving risk



•   Easy integration into existing systems through its

    API and batch handling capabilities


Where is TOM used?


•  To automate business processes which currently 

   require human intervention for complex


•  Most common application is adjacent to   

    predictive technology to remove uncertainty left

    in the prediction.



• Prediction – potentially fraudulent transaction

  (confidence 85%)

• 15% uncertainty means it’s risky to simply cancel or decline

  the transaction

• Requires human expert (analyst) to review and make

  decision on next best action

• TOM makes this decision in real time

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