TOM technology allows the digital version of your human experts to analyse risk and respond within seconds without compromising the quality of the decision.


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Weathering the storm

Yesterday’s ‘future-proofing’ automation and digital transformation solutions

have become today’s business critical operational tools. 


The global pandemic and resultant economic crisis have introduced a host

of new risks and challenges into the insurance arena including:

  • A surge in fraudulent claims 

  • Unanticipated claims (both in nature and severity) 

  • Policy coverage and interpretation complexity 

  • Limited physical access to personnel and service providers  

  • Uncertainty around pricing, product relevance, terms and conditions 

  • Increased complaints and compliance challenges


Navigating this crisis will require smart and innovative approaches to dealing

with these exceptional issues and dynamics. Organisational reliance on the skill, insight and judgement of key decision makers is heightened as uncertainty abounds and exception volumes escalate, putting pressure on already limited resources.

TOM our Tacit Object Modeler provides a practical, easy to implement solution by digitally replicating and scaling human expertise. TOM enables organisations to remotely and in

real-time access the decisions of their key personnel.

Real-time, smarter decisions, at transactional level dramatically reduces risk and mean time to issue resolution. 


Read more about how TOM is deployed within claims, investigations, underwriting and compliance to automate complex decision processes, navigate risk, and deal with uncertainty.

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