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Resignation Generation

Not sure if Covid was that “Gladwellian” tipping point but something has tipped things over. There is now a distinct lack of desire to return to work and rather a desire for things that money can’t buy – like time. The recently labelled “Resignation Generation” is upon us.

Whatever that event was, it tested existing work paradigms and then unintentionally broke a number of these. We are no longer sure about the relationship between physically being at work and work output. We have also tested whether our purpose and perspective were somehow kept together by cohesiveness that we received at work. What we do know is that we have been stripped of a multitude of superficial measurements of contribution that many rely on. Simply being at your desk is a good example.

Technologies like video conferencing and advanced automation have meant that we are now represented and contribute in a digital form with growth in this trend set to continue.

With this in mind the opportunity is clearly to build technologies that augment our human contribution within a digital and automation context. We are becoming our digital selves.


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