An AI Workforce


Our clients have the ability to clone

top expertise across all functions in

their organization.

A digital workforce


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About Merlynn

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Only technology able to replicate ‘tacit knowledge’

Human expertise is a critical resource globally. In high levels of risk and uncertainty we still rely on the human expert. Merlynn exists to create scalable access to this very key resource.

Current Company Global status: 

7110 Ai digital experts created in

16 industries across 5 continents

Future Merlynn

Our AI Employment Agency...

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A virtual world filled with Digital Experts

powered by Artificial Intelligence

to assist you & your organization. 

Coming soon! 

Our Products

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TOM replicates human expertise and decisions which are too complex to be handled by business rules

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is an artificial intelligence based alert management tool which is underpinned by Merlynn’s Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Suite - TOM

What People Say


The technology enables us to ensure compliance standards are consistently and accurately applied to every transaction



TOM scaled our forensic expertise revolutionising our approach to fraud detection and investigation


Alert Decision Engine emulates the decisions of our top analysts, we’re now able to clear false positive alerts in real time

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